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FAQ (For Fund-Raising For HCJCA Bursary)

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The duration of the exercise will be from November 2010 till December 2011. While our rolling approval from MOE is till 31 July 2011, we will be getting a renewal of the approval nearer the expiration date.
We hope to raise $200,000 by the end of Dec 2011
The beneficiaries will be students from Hwa Chong Institution (College) who require financial assistance. Students who apply for assistance and who meets the college criteria will be awarded these bursaries.
Yes. Hwa Chong draws students from a diverse socio-economic background. In fact, about 23% of our college students do require some form of financial assistance (based on their reported gross monthly household income).
The MOE bursaries (independent schools bursary scheme) subsidises only school fees, textbooks and exam fees. They do not provide direct cash assistance which can help needy students ease their daily financial needs.
No, the HCJC Alumni Bursary is meant for all students of HCI (College Section).
All students will be invited to apply for the bursary with the necessary income statements and documentation. Applications are then screened and assessed by the designated school's Principal Consultant (Faculty) overseeing Student Welfare. A panel which includes the Deputy Principal overseeing the College section will be the final approving body. Deserving students awarded the bursary will have the sum credited to their designated bank account.
After the lists of awardees have been selected by the school, it will be forwarded to the HCJC Alumni Scholarships and Bursaries Sub-committee Head for confirmation. The HCJC Alumni Executive Committee are also regularly updated on the Bursary process and the monetary account during their meetings
Our modes of donation will be as follows:
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit cards via Paypal on our website
Cheques for donations should be mailed directly to Ms Chu Chew Ling. The donor's name, NRIC, mailing address and contact phone number must be on the reversed of the cheque. Also state that it is for "HCJC Alumni Students Bursary Fund". Cheque must be made payable to "Hwa Chong Institution".

Cheque should be mailed to:
Hwa Chong Institution
661 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269734
Attention: Ms Chu Chew Ling
Yes. For donation in excess of a $100, a receipt will be sent to the donor.
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