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Seah BT Book Prize 佘文通书籍奖

The Seah Boon Thong Book Prize was established in 2010 to honour the memory of the late Captain Seah Boon Thong. Boon Thong was from the 4th Batch of Hwa Chong Junior College and many remember him as an outstanding student and Hwa Chong's second President's Scholar. Also a Singapore Armed Forces Scholar, Boon Thong joined the Air Force as an A4 Skyhawk pilot after his tertiary education. He passed on in a training accident on 25th July 1985 when his plane crashed into the Johor Straits.

2010 marked the 25th Anniversary of his passing and a group of his former classmates and friends rallied together to raise funds—in his memory—for his alma mater, Hwa Chong. This prize will be awarded annually to a financially deserving and outstanding C1 (Year 5) student from Hwa Chong Institution. He or she must demonstrate outstanding leadership and all-round excellence in academic and co-curricular involvements.

The criteria serve as a tribute to Boon Thong's inspiring accomplishments. Boon Thong came from a very humble background, but through his determination and perseverance, he achieved all round excellence and was awarded the nation's most prestigious honour—the President's Scholarship.

It is the hope of the donors that this prize will spur their juniors to strive for excellence in everything they set out to achieve.

The first recipient of the Seah Boon Thong Book Prize was NG JUN DA NELSON from 10S65. Nelson has gone on to excel in the A-levels by aceing almost all his subjects. Nelson was an active member of the High School Scouts and was awarded the President Scouts award. A committed member of the Taekwondo Club, he represented the school in several Taekwondo Championships and emerged victorious. He also participated actively in a wide range of community involvement projects, including a service learning project in collaboration with the Singapore Cancer Society. For his excellent achievements, he also qualified for the college's Outstanding Student Award.

In 2011, the award was given to CHOONG MING ZHE from 11S60. Ming Zhe was one of the national top students in the 2010 GCE 'O' Level examination, scoring 9 A1s. He was the Staff Sergeant of the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) of Bukit Panjang Govt. High School and attained the prestigious Singapore Police Force-National Police Cadet Corps (SPF-NPCC) Badge, the pinnacle award for cadets.

The latest recipient of the award in 2012 is ONG JING LONG EDMUND from 12S67. Edmund attained excellent results in the 2011 GCE 'O' Level examination, scoring 10 distinctions. He was the Staff Sergeant of the St. John Ambulance Brigade of Catholic High School and achieved the pinnacle award, the Chief Commissioner's award in 2011 for his outstanding performance as a cadet leader.

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